Specials Of The Month

Bamboo w. Capsella & Pork

Sauteed fresh bamboo shoot with capsella and shredded pork in white sauce.


Pork Belly w. Chestnut

Stewed pork belly with chestnut and scallion in Shanghai style brown sauce.


Fava Bean w. Mustard Green

Sauteed fava bean with mustard green in white sauce.

$ 16

Spicy Eight Jewel

Sauteed shrimp, chicken, pork, bamboo, mushroom, dried tofu, soy bean and peanut in spicy brown sauce.

$ 20

Shrimp w. Spicy Flavor

Fried whole shrimp with jalapeno, dried chili, scallion and peanut in spicy seasoning.

$ 28

Rainbow Chicken

Sauteed shredded chicken with mushroom, snow pea, bamboo and carrot in white sauce.

$ 18

House Tangerine Chicken

Light breaded chicken tenderloin with special made tangerine sauce and chili pepper.

$ 24

Crispy Eel

Crispy fried shredded eel with brownish sweet and sour sauce.

$ 28

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